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A Husband & Wife Duo

Kyle and Meaghan Roble are certified and insured firearms instructors. They are also certified NRA Range Safety Officers. Together they want to share their knowledge of firearms and concealed carry with individuals in a practical, safe, engaging, and fun way.


Kyle has 30+ years of shooting experience and has been competing in 3gun leagues both locally and nationally for many years. He is qualified as a level 2 Pro and level 4 Expert in the USSL-UML Race division.

Meaghan is an anti-gunner turned 2A advocate and one of the few women from Wisconsin who compete in local and national 3gun leagues. She is qualified as a level 2 Marksman in the USSL-UML 2x4 Race division and a level 4 Sharpshooter in the USSL-UML Ladies division.

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