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Here's what our students have to say about our firearms training and education!

"It was a comprehensive presentation that was easy to understand."

- Barb

"Well worth the time. Very informative and taught in a caring way. Covered all areas needed to know to conceal carry.

- Job well done!"

- Robin

"Good class. Informative and time passed quickly."

- Randee

"Everyone that carries a firearm should have a training course for the information and confidence."

- Jeff

"The class was long but had a lot of information. I learned a lot and feel comfortable having a conceal carry (firearm) with me."

- Jenna

"Awesome class. Great people. Good positive attitude."

- Ryan

"Very informative and friendly instructors."

- Marilyn

"Good class to get a solid understanding with understanding people."

- Kaiti

"Do it! Very informative. Answers ALL questions very well. Very polite and they make sure you are confident with shooting the correct way."

- Sara

"This is a great class for people who know little about guns, safety, and concealed carry."

- Mary

"It was a very positive experience with one-on-one attention. All questions were answered. I feel comfortable with the information and feel empowered to protect myself." - Thank you

- Julie

"Very well taught, good pace with teaching class. Good knowledge of the subject. Well worth the time and money whether you open carry or want to conceal (carry)."

- Mark

"A great overall program; informative."

- Dana

"Great education on gun safety and legal ramifications etc."

- Linda

"Excellent class!"

- Sandy

"Very good beginner class to learn from. Very informative and keeps your attention."

- Jessica

"Very informative."

- Rick

"I learned a lot to comfortably carry and use a firearm. Didn't realize about the insurance (coverage) so was nice to hear about that."

- Laurie & Mike

"You need to go to this class. If you think you know everything you will find out you are wrong. You will learve learning something."

- Marcia

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